South African Projects


The World’s Greatest Goldfield

Building a world class gold inventory through a depressed period of precious metal exploration globally has focused the attention of the OroTree technical team to the review of opportunities within the world’s greatest goldfield, the Witwatersrand basin. We hope our exploration and engineering innovation will change the gold mining landscape of the Witwatersrand.


Gold was discovered by an Australian gold miner, George Harrison in March 1886 when he came across a gold bearing outcrop which later turned out to be part of the main reef. That discovery drove prospecting through the Witwatersrand basin and the discovery of the largest known gold reserves. There have been continuous Mining operations in the Witwatersrand since then and the field still holds the largest known gold reserves in the world. Mines in this basin have collectively produced more than 48,210 tonnes (1,550Moz) of gold, over the last 120 years, more gold than anywhere else (>40%) on earth from ancient fluviatile channel deposits which were deposited into a near-shore shallow sea environment through a period of ~260M yrs. (>15% of earths geological history is represented over the depositional period of the basin) from 2.97B to 2.71B years.

OroTree will continue to review acquisition and alliance opportunities within the Witwatersrand.