Vision & Focus


Our Vision

OroTree is creating a long-term sustainable gold mining business combining talented, experienced people and their skills with technology and innovation to capitalise on the ever-emerging digital world.


We are committed to practical, commercial and sustainable opportunities for all and have a strong focus on the development of a diverse workforce in the industry. Our operations provide new opportunities for local economic development and growth in the communities in which we operate and the localities from which our employees originate.

Increased innovation and modernisation along with new digital processes will create an environment that is conducive to minimum harm mining, where employees can reach their full potential increasing productivity. Together we strive to build a sustainable ecosystem that will support the future of mining.


Our Focus

Our strategic focus is on low cost and high yield projects, to assist people and employees reach their full potential. To operate on a minimum harm basis to improve the world that our communities live in, to develop sustainable business practices, and to minimise the environmental impact of our mining projects.

Our culture and governance are aligned through these five strategic focus areas across all our operational geographies. Our core values of integrity, simplicity and transparency are the fundamental principles of our business and stakeholder relationships.